As cyclists we are always looking for new ways to get faster, and one widely hyped method is to hit the gym to develop more strength. But the. To lift or not to lift? The merits of strength training have been debated by cyclists and endurance coaches for decades. Here is our current position. The effects of resistance training on road cycling performance among highly trained cyclists: a systematic review. J Strength Cond Res 24(2):


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A good starting point is about 6 inches. Hold a pair of dumbbells at shoulder height and place one foot on top of the step.

The Only 4 Strength Workouts You Really Need for Cycling - WeLoveCycling magazine

Now, it's important to visualize this leg doing the work as you make your way through the set. Step up and raise your trailing leg as shown.


In some cases, the use of light weights is in order. Regardless of the resistance used, weight training for cyclists is not a need to engage in hard efforts in the gym during the weight training for cyclists few weeks. Just as the first time back on the bike after a layoff would not include hill repeats or intervalsthe first resistance training phase involves relatively low intensity exercises performed in a moderate repetition range.

You should be able to do each exercise in perfect form, including the last rep. Of course, after this break-in period the first two weeks the effort must increase in order to be effective, but to do so early on increases the odds of injury or unnecessary muscle soreness.

Getting muscularly sore is neither an aim nor a realistic outcome of lifting weights.

Some years back, some USA Cycling coaches weight training for cyclists me to help an elite junior rider transition from his previous year's junior weight program to something a bit more challenging. As we wrapped up the rider said, "Is that all?

I did three sets, and used more exercises and weight all last week. The First Two Weeks In the first workout one set of reps is appropriate for most exercises. At a minimum, weight training for cyclists should include one multiple-joint exercise for upper body pushing, one for upper body pulling, one for the lower back, one for the abdominals, and one for the lower body.

Cyclists do not need to train like bodybuilders.

Off-Season Strength Training for Cyclists: A Well-Planned Transition Phase | Breaking Muscle

Far too many cyclists hold unfounded beliefs that light weights and high repetitions in the gym are what needed for an endurance athlete. This might be true if the athlete demonstrates poor muscular not cardiorespiratory endurance on the bike, but that is an unlikely characteristic for a cyclist.

Weight training for cyclists want greater strength and power, but that comes later in the training plan.

Actual strength or power gains require greater effort higher weight training for cyclists, lower reps.

The transition phase is simply a break-in period. By the way, fifteen repetitions is considered high volume in the strength training world. Can you finish those 3 minutes without taking a break?

Squats Squats weight training for cyclists a great off-season exercise they work the glutes, hips, quads, and hamstrings. They will help you improve max strength as well as endurance.

As you get used to squatting the right way, you can start doing less reps with higher weights or progress to single-legged squats.

How To Strength Train For Cycling

Single leg deadlifts Deadlift is also one of those basic exercises that everyone should do in the off-season. The single leg variant of this exercise is great for cycling because it targets the hips and hamstrings and helps correct muscle imbalances since weight training for cyclists leg has to support the load independently.


This variation is not about max strength, start with very little weight and focus on proper technique.